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About Glenn

“Glynn Langston’s fingers glide over Blind Bartimaeus’ petition to Jesus, recounted in tiny, raised dots on the pages of his Braille Bible.”

Glynn Langston is a native of Houston, Texas. He is the son of Wallace and Betty Langston. Because of treatment he received as a 2 pound premature baby, Glynn has been blind since birth, the sole survivor of twins. But blindness has not kept him from a most dynamic and adventurous lifestyle; he has been a public speaker and a teacher for most of his life. Glynn has lived without the vision most people take for granted.

After spending several years at the Texas State School for the Blind in Austin, TX; Glynn became a pioneer as the first blind student to attend sighted classes in the Houston Public Schools. He graduated magna cum laude in 1967. Glynn made the Dean's list at Southwestern University (Georgetown, TX), was named to Who's Who in American Colleges & Universities, and graduated cum laude in 1971 with a degree in European History and Public Speaking.

Glynn speaks fluent French, is conversational in Russian, German, and Spanish, and reads and writes in Braille. He is an avid Ham Radio operator and has been involved in several life-saving calls. He has had audiences with kings (such as King Faisal of Saudi Arabia) and presidents (such as President De Valera of the Republic of Ireland). For a period of time he was a radio and television spokesman for the Irish National Council for the Blind. He served as a missionary for over 22 years on behalf of Churches of Christ in European settings, reaching thousands of people, some visually impaired, with the Gospel message.

Glynn and his family have committed themselves to the development of Insight International, a Braille Outreach Worldwide Ministry. It is Glynn's vision that free Biblical literature and audio cassette for the visually impaired be available so that more souls can know and respond to the Lord. The need for this material is greater than any of us could possibly imagine. Glynn is truly a remarkable person; one worthy of your prayerful support.